Three Options For Preventing Soil Erosion

Posted on: 15 November 2017

Soil erosion is problematic for a number of reasons. It can decrease the amount of nutrients in the ground, making it more difficult to grow healthy plants. Equally important, though, is the fact that the lost soil can pollute nearby water ways, leading to environmental damage. If you are concerned about minimizing soil erosion on your property, here are three ways you can protect your land. Plant Lots of Vegetation [Read More]

Thinking Of Adding A Terraced Garden To Your Yard? Here's When You Need To Call A Professional To Install Your Retaining Wall

Posted on: 14 November 2017

A terraced garden is a beautiful addition to your yard and a perfect solution to gardening in yards with steep slopes; these gardens provide a perfectly flat area to grow plants in while also conforming to the natural grade of the land as closely as possible. In order to create a terraced garden, you'll need to install retaining walls on your property. While some do-it-yourself products for installing retaining walls exist, these are not suitable for every application. [Read More]

Tips To Get Your Lawn Through Winter

Posted on: 13 November 2017

Fall is a time when many homeowners breathe a sigh of relief since the long summer of constant mowing is finally over. Of course, winter may also be met with some trepidation, since a single bad winter can damage all the hard work you put into your lawn over summer. The following tips can help you with lawn maintenance over winter so it looks wonderful once spring arrives. Tip #1: Trim but don't scalp [Read More]

Tree Trimming Or Tree Pruning: How They'Re Similar But Different From Each Other

Posted on: 13 November 2017

Trimming a tree and pruning a tree isn't the same thing. You may hear the terms used interchangeable, but these two things serve different functions. There's some crossover between the two. However, it helps to understand what each service represents if you want to avoid any confusion or accidents. The Main Difference between Trimming and Pruning Generally, the main distinction between trimming and pruning has to do with what the service aims to accomplish. [Read More]