Eight Problems You Can Avoid With Rubber Playground Mulch

Posted on: 1 May 2023

Rubber mulch is a great choice as a playground material because it helps to avoid numerous problems. The following are eight problems that can be avoided when you have rubber playground mulch installed on playground surfaces. 

Limited color options

When it comes to aesthetics, rubber playground mulch is a great option since it is available in any imaginable color. The color availability of rubber playground mulch makes it so that you can find a floor surface material for your playground that matches your playground equipment and the surrounding architectural features. 

Short lifespan of playground surface materials

Rubber is known for taking a long time to degrade and lasting longer than most organic materials out there. You can therefore count on rubber playground mulch to function a lot longer than some other playground surface materials on the market. 

Pest infestations on playground surfaces

Organic mulch can provide a perfect home for pests like ants and termites. However, pests won't want to make a home in a non-organic material such as rubber. If you are looking for a playground mulch material and are concerned about pest infestations, rubber could be a great option. 

Frequent injuries

Rubber playground mulch is soft and offers cushioning on playground surfaces. This can help to prevent kids from getting injured when they're playing on playground equipment. 

Negative environmental consequences

Rubber playground mulch is a great option from an environmental perspective. That's because rubber mulch is produced largely from recycled materials. This keeps waste out of landfills. Rubber playground mulch is also generally shown to cause no adverse damage to the surrounding environment or to human health. 

Costly and time-consuming maintenance needs

If you choose organic mulch for a playground area, you'll have to put much more effort into maintenance. Fortunately, rubber playground mulch maintains its durability and appearance over time with little to no maintenance. 

Weed growth

Weed growth can be a problem in any organic type of playground flooring material. Weeds cannot take root in rubber mulch. In fact, rubber mulch both dehydrates weed seeds and blocks any sunlight from getting to sprouting weeds and allowing them to grow. 

Playground materials getting scattered by inclement weather events

Rubber is a relatively heavy type of mulch. This makes it much more likely to stay in place during periods of inclement weather than other types of mulch. Organic mulches might easily become scattered by weather events that involve heavy winds and precipitation that can wash materials away. 

For more information about rubber playground mulch, contact a local company.