Landscape Maintenance Services Your Property May Need To Keep It Attractive And Appealing

Posted on: 7 August 2023

No matter how large your property is, the landscaping must be maintained properly so it doesn't look neglected. When a client or customer pulls into your parking lot, one of the first things they notice is your landscaping. If it's manicured and healthy, it reflects well on you and helps make a good first impression.

You can hire a landscape maintenance company to do all the work, so your grass, plants, and trees are kept in their most attractive condition. Here are important landscape maintenance needs that keep your property in good shape.

Scheduled Grass Maintenance

Your grass looks better and is healthier when it's kept within a specific height range for the grass species. This could require mowing on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Mowing on schedule ensures your grass never gets too tall and out of control. Keeping your grass tidy involves mowing, trimming, and blowing clippings. A landscape maintenance company has the tools and experience needed to make your grass look professionally manicured all season.

Lawn Treatments

A helpful benefit of having regular mowing done is the landscape maintenance professional can monitor your grass for problems. You might need weed killers applied if weeds start popping up. Your lawn may need to be fertilized during certain times of the year so the grass is healthy. Your property might even need lawn pesticide treatments if bugs or worms settle in and start destroying grass patches.

A beautiful lawn requires more than just mowing and trimming. Fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides need to be applied to treat problems and prevent them so your grass stays healthy.

Shrub And Tree Trimming

Shrubs and tree branches grow fast during the spring and summer. They can crowd sidewalks and grow against the sides of your building. Trimming back growth is important for protecting your clients and employees. Plus, trimming protects your building since you don't want tree branches scraping your roof or windows.

Young shrubs and trees can be pruned to control their shape and growth. Mature trees and shrubs can be trimmed to keep them attractive and out of the way. Your property may need this landscape maintenance service once or twice each year.

Plant Maintenance

If you have plants around the foundation of your building or along your entry area, the plants need to be healthy and attractive. Some species of plants grow without the need for much help, but the landscape maintenance service may need to replace dying plants and trim healthy ones to keep them shapely and attractive.