Landscaping Your Yard? Installation Tips For Your Synthetic Turf

Posted on: 19 July 2023

If you're ready to landscape your yard, it's time to think about the environment. That's especially important where your lawn is concerned. Natural lawn uses a lot of natural resources to keep it green and healthy. That's where synthetic turf comes into the picture. Synthetic turf is an environmentally-friendly way to enhance the appearance of your yard. One of the great things about synthetic turf is that it requires very little maintenance. Plus, it will stay green throughout the year. But, you do need to take some precautions when installing synthetic turf. The steps you take will help you protect your new turf. Read the list below. Here are some installation tips that will help you get the most enjoyment from your synthetic turf. 

Start With the Right Turf Choice

When it comes to installing synthetic turf, you want to make the right choice. There are different types of synthetic turf to choose from. For the best results, you want to choose high-quality turf. High-quality synthetic turf provides benefits like UV protection and durability. But, quality synthetic turf will also provide good drainage. That way, you don't have issues with puddles and runoff. Your landscape contractor can help you choose the right synthetic turf for your yard. 

Do the Surface Preparation

If you're going to install synthetic turf, you might think you can place the turf right over the bare soil. That's not the case though. Before you install your synthetic turf, you need to do some surface preparation. Start by clearing all the existing weeds and grass. Next, remove the rocks and debris. Once you're done with that, apply an herbicide to the soil. That will kill the remaining weed and grass seed. That way, you don't have weeds and grass coming up through the synthetic turf. 

Use the Right Turf Base

Now that it's time to install synthetic turf, plan for the base. The base for your synthetic turf is an important factor to consider. You have two options to choose from for the base. You can choose between a crushed rock base or a concrete base. For residential use, a crushed rock base is your best option. That's because it provides a softer base for your family. 

Avoid Edge Problems

When it comes to installing your synthetic turf, you want to take steps to avoid shifting. One way to do that is to install an edging system. An edging system provides stability for your synthetic turf. There are several types of edging material to choose from. Some of those options include plastic, metal, or decorative concrete. You can choose an edging that works best with your budget and design concept. 

For more information on artificial grass installation, contact a professional near you.