4 Landscape Design Ideas For The Time-Pressed Property Owner

Posted on: 24 March 2023

Do you spend more time at work or out of the house than the average person? From lawn care to tree pruning and tending flowers, maintaining an attractive landscape can take a lot of time. While having a property that looks good is important to just about any property owner, if you're a busy person, easy maintenance means a great deal. Check out these ideas for your landscape to make sure your property requires as little time as possible. 

Implement More Hardscape Features to Cut Back on Maintenance  

From rock and retaining curbs to walkways, hardscape features are not made of natural plants. Therefore, these are points that rarely ever require maintenance. For example, if you have a massive lawn to mow, you could cut back on grass maintenance by covering an area with decorative gravel and embellishing the spot with a few low-maintenance shrubs or trees.  

Opt for Moss and Other Low-Growing Ground Covering Plants  

If you have a sizable yard, lawn care can take up a substantial amount of time, but your property does not necessarily have to be covered in grass. There are other plant options that don't have to be cut several times a month that do just as well at serving as ground cover. For example, some types of moss are ideal as ground cover, and moss grows slowly without needing a lot of care or attention. You can also look at artificial turf options if you want to cut back even more on residential lawn care.  

Stick with Evergreen Shrubs Over Ornamental Shrubs  

When it comes to low maintenance, evergreen shrubs are almost always the better option compared to ornamental shrubs. Sky Pencil Hollies, Cypresses, and Junipers are a few good evergreen examples. A few ornamentals are low maintenance because they grow slowly. For example, the Japanese Privet can get pretty large, but it takes years to grow large enough for extensive pruning. However, most ornamentals have particular care requirements that will have you spending more time on your property.  

Keep Tree Planting to a Minumum  

Trees offer shade and wind protection, but they can also be one of the most time-consuming landscape elements to maintain. When planning your landscape, try to keep tree planting to a minimum for this reason. And, when you do choose trees, opt for slow-growing, pest-hardy varieties that don't require a lot of maintenance. For example, the Ginkgo tree grows slowly, is resistant to pets, and barely ever needs pruning.

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