How Do You Remove Invasive Trees That Are Taking Over Your Yard?

Posted on: 17 February 2023

Invasive tree species can rapidly damage your landscaping. Seeds from non-native tree species can be introduced to your yard by high winds or bird droppings, and they'll quickly take root and begin to grow. Some invasive tree species also send out sucker roots when they're dehydrated or damaged, which will grow into an entirely new tree stem. If a neighbor's property has invasive trees and they try to cut them down, their sucker roots can spread into your yard and cause invasive trees to grow there. 

It's important to remove invasive trees as soon as you notice them in order to protect your landscaping. Invasive trees can rob your ornamental plants of water and nutrients, causing them to die. If you notice non-native trees growing in your yard, read on to learn the best way to get rid of them.

Remove All of the Saplings First

Since many invasive tree species will send out sucker roots if you try to cut them down, you should remove the whole tree including the root system whenever possible. Removing the roots of the tree will prevent any sucker roots from causing more invasive trees to sprout in your yard. It's easiest to completely remove trees when they're still small saplings.

You can use a weed wrench to remove saplings from the ground. A weed wrench is a long-handled tool that can grasp the base of the tree and pull it up from the ground. When you use one to remove a sapling, the roots will come up from the ground along with the tree. Once all of the saplings have been completely removed, you can begin removing the larger invasive trees that are growing in your yard.

Cut Down Invasive Trees and Apply Herbicide to the Stump

One way that you can eliminate the problem of a dead tree sending out sucker roots is by using herbicide on it. The herbicide will spread throughout the root system and kill any sucker roots that try to form. In order to find out which herbicide will kill the invasive tree, look up the shape of its leaves online in order to find out its species. Once you cut the tree down, quickly apply the appropriate herbicide to the top of the exposed stump. The herbicide will be quickly absorbed into the tree and move into its roots, which will slowly kill it.

It's important to be cautious when you apply herbicides since broad-spectrum herbicides can harm the ornamental plants in your yard. If too much herbicide spreads into the soil, the plants that you want to keep may die along with the tree you're trying to remove. If you don't want to use herbicides, you'll need to hire a tree removal service to pull the entire tree out of the ground using a crane, including its deepest roots.

Overall, the main problem involved in removing invasive trees is that you'll need to prevent damaged trees from sending out sucker roots. If you remove the trees improperly, the sucker roots can make your invasive tree problem even worse. If your invasive trees are too large to cut down on your own, call a tree trimming service in your area.