Live In A Cold Climate? Hire Landscapers To Enjoy Your Backyard Year-Round

Posted on: 25 January 2023

As a homeowner in a cold climate, you may find that your family spends little time outside once the winter season begins. Snowfall might accumulate throughout your backyard, covering most features and plants and making it difficult to get around comfortably and confidently. A viable solution is to hire landscapers to make your backyard usable year-round.


Pathways are a useful way to get around your backyard. Without them, you may need to walk over dirt, grass, and mulch beds to reach certain areas and features. This can put your grass and plants at risk because all it may take is stepping on a delicate plant to cause notable harm. A better option is to walk around paved pathways that you put throughout your backyard.

A landscaping company can build these paths using your chosen design and materials. While you may like many options, you will benefit greatly from picking a smooth surface. The type of surface will make it easy to shovel snow off when you start getting winter snow days.


Another feature worth adding to your landscape is boulders. While you may like how rocks look throughout the backyard, you might not see them once snow covers the ground. A concern is that you may step on them after a snowfall and get hurt in the process. Replacing these rocks with large boulders is worth considering because you will see them even after snowfall.

Sometimes, you can add boulders with a unique shape that allows you to sit on them. Then, you can put these boulders alongside pathways and enjoy them as a seating option.


When most of your plant life is close to the ground, you may notice most of the color and greenery going away as winter arrives. However, you can prevent this from happening by planting and maintaining shrubs throughout the backyard. An excellent plan is to prioritize shrubs that keep their leaves during winter and even ones that produce colorful berries.

These shrubs will make your backyard look inviting in the middle of winter.


Along with shrubs, you can grow trees that thrive in wintertime. Coniferous trees are different from deciduous trees in that they produce cones and needles over leaves and seeds. These trees will keep most of their needles all year long, allowing you to enjoy their beauty in winter.

When you want to start enjoying your backyard throughout the entire year, you can hire landscapers at a company such as Lee's Nursery and Landscaping to work on these kinds of projects.