Managing Your Construction Project's Excavation Needs

Posted on: 30 November 2022

For many different projects, excavating portions of the soil will be an important step in preparing the site for the construction work that is needing to be done. While excavation services can be instrumental in most construction projects, it is common for individuals that are going through their first home construction project to have a poor understanding of this part of the process.

Assumption: All Excavation Work Is Basically The Same

Many individuals may have a limited understanding of the particular options that are available when it comes to excavating a project site. While some individuals may assume that all excavation work is basically the same, there can be some important differences. For example, hydrovac excavation services will actually use a strong jet of water to break up the soil and a powerful vacuum system to extract it. When meeting with an excavation service, it can be useful to inquire as to the options that they provide and the one that will be the best suited for the particular scope of your excavation needs.

Assumption: The Excavation Service Will Always Haul Away The Dirt That Was Removed

At the conclusion of the excavation work, there may be a large amount of debris that you are needing to have hauled away from the site. This is particularly true when the soil will not be used to refill the area that was excavated. In these situations, a person may assume that the excavation service that they hired will completely handle the removal of these substances from the area. However, removing very large amounts of debris from a project site can require specialized trucks as well as the ability to easily take this waste to a suitable facility. For this reason, some excavation services may charge additional fees to haul away the dirt from the project or they may even partner with a disposal service that can handle this work.

Assumption: It Is Extremely Difficult To Prevent An Excavation Site From Flooding

For larger projects, the excavation site will likely be exposed for many weeks or even months. During this time it is imperative to prevent the site from flooding. Unfortunately, heavy rain can easily flood an unprotected excavation site, but it can be fairly simple to prevent water from accumulating in this area. For example, a person will be able to use a pumping system that can actively remove any water that may be starting to gather in the area before it can create problems.

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