A Residential Deck Design That Integrates Landscaping Features

Posted on: 19 October 2022

If your backyard contains lush foliage, custom flowerbeds, plant displays, and a garden, you may want to integrate these landscaping features into your deck design. Modern decks may contain multi-tiered platforms, unique shapes, and railings. The addition of lighting will allow you to enjoy a new deck during the day or night.

No Set Design

A deck contractor will work with the layout of your land to provide you with a deck design that truly captures the beauty of each landscaping feature that you would like to showcase. There are no set patterns or shape constraints that will prevent you from integrating each element of the landscaping.

For instance, if you live on a tract of land that is sloped, your deck contractor can draw up plans that will outline how a tiered deck will be laid out. A tiered decking system is one that features various heights. The decking platforms will be laid horizontally, providing you with a stable area to walk and sit upon. As the land slopes downward, a decking contractor may designate platforms of lower heights and may create a stair system that will allow you to seamlessly move from one level to the next.

Distinct Features

If trees or large shrubs are growing in a central location where you would like a deck to be installed, you do not need to transplant the greenery. A contractor can create a deck construction plan that will allow each organic item to remain in its original place. You may be interested in having a symmetrical deck platform installed and seeking an extension walkway that encircles a tree or shrub.

This type of walkway can consist of curved decking pieces that surround each natural feature. A contractor can use a circular walkway design that will surround a tree trunk or a shrub's base. A contractor will consider the age and maturity size of the plant life that is growing. They will create a walkway design that will allow plenty of room for growth.

If you choose to have an elevated deck installed or a multi-tiered deck installed, you may want to add some pathway lights along each side of the deck. Lights will allow you to use your deck at night. Spotlights can be installed next to each plant or display that you would like to enjoy viewing at night. Railings can also be installed along each side of a deck. 

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