Top Tips For Having Mulch Delivered

Posted on: 14 June 2022

Having mulch delivered to your home is often much easier than buying it by the bag and hauling all of the bags around in your vehicle. You place your order, and the delivery company soon comes to dump the mulch in the designated location. There are, however, a few tips you should follow to ensure the mulch delivery process goes smoothly.

Put down a tarp where you want the mulch dumped

Picking mulch up out of grass is really hard. And, as you shovel the mulch off the grass, you are likely to scrape the lawn up in some areas. So, before your mulch delivery arrives, decide where you want it dumped and place a tarp in that area. The larger the tarp, the better, since the mulch will tend to spread out as you shovel and move it.

See if the neighbors want some

When you have mulch delivered, there is typically a flat delivery charge, and then you pay an additional fee per cubic yard of mulch. There may be a few discounts available if you buy more than a certain amount. So it is often a good idea to check with your neighbors and see if any of them are also interested in mulch. If they are, you can split the delivery charge and perhaps all enjoy a discount from the larger order, too.

Check the weather

Rain won't ruin the mulch, but it will make it wet, heavy, and harder to move. Be sure you check the weather before you order your mulch, and order it on a day when there should be a couple of clear days ahead. This way, you won't have to rush to move or spread it before a rain storm. If surprise rain does come, you can cover the mulch with another tarp, but this is still a hassle best avoided whenever possible.

Order more than you think you need

Running out of mulch before you finish your garden beds is disheartening. You'll then need to place another order or buy some bags of mulch, which might not match. To avoid this, consider ordering a yard or two more than you need. The worst that will happen is you'll have extra to share or save for next year.

Once your mulch is delivered and spread, you'll be so glad you went through the effort to plan, order a bit more, and work with your neighbors. For more information, reach out to a mulch delivery service near you.