Using Rocks in Your Landscaping Design

Posted on: 28 March 2022

Rocks can be a versatile and important part of your landscaping. However, this is a tool that homeowners may not fully appreciate when they are preparing to upgrade their landscaping. This can lead to them being unsure of the types of landscaping rocks that they should have delivered to their property.

Create Definition Between the Various Areas in Your Landscaping

A common use for landscaping rocks can be to create definition between the various sections of the property. For example, individuals may want to have a line of rocks along the perimeters of these areas to create a better sense of boundary and neatness to the landscaping design. If this is a goal for your project, the color of the landscaping rocks that you order for delivery will be an important consideration as you may want to choose very dark or light rocks to maximize the visual impact that they have.

Erosion Mitigation and Runoff Management

Rocks can be a useful option for mitigating the effects of erosion as well as better managing the runoff during heavy rains. In particular, gravel is a popular solution for this problem as it can help to hold the soil in place while also providing a path for the water to take. As an added benefit, the gravel may also help to slow the speed of the runoff so that it will be less likely to carry away soil with it or to even move the gravel stones.

Pathing Through the Yard

Creating paths through your yard can reduce the tendency of people to trample grass or other plants that you are trying to grow. Landscaping rocks can be a versatile and durable solution for creating attractive paths throughout the property. In addition to using gravel, there are also stone paving tiles that can be placed along the paths that you are wanting to pave. It can also be possible to combine these tiles with gravel to improve the durability of the paving work as well as potentially enhance the appearance of the path.

Decorative Highlights

Landscaping rocks can also be used to provide the property with decorative highlights. For example, there are some people that will choose to place large rocks or rock formations on their property. This can be a unique addition that will give your property a more rustic appearance. However, you will likely need to use a professional landscape rock delivery service to bring this to your property due to the large size and heavyweight of these rocks.

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