Reasons To Choose A Stainless Steel Pizza Oven For Your Yard

Posted on: 14 October 2021

When you talk about putting an outdoor pizza oven in your yard, people often assume you're referring to a stone oven. Indeed, many outdoor pizza ovens are made from stone. However, there are also pizza ovens made from stainless steel, and they do have some key advantages over stone pizza ovens. Here are a few of those advantages.

They come pre-made

Stone pizza ovens generally have to be built, custom to order, in your backyard. This can be nice, but it can also be inconvenient and quite costly. You have to pay for labor and materials in order to have a stone oven built. A stainless steel pizza oven, on the other hand, comes as a pre-assembled unit, much like an indoor oven unit would. You will likely have to install it or set it up outside, but that's not as major an endeavor as building a stone pizza oven. 

They get hot relatively quickly

A stone pizza oven holds heat well, but it can take a really long time to heat up. If you decide you want to make pizza, you really have to plan ahead. A stainless steel pizza oven, on the other hand, should heat up relatively quickly. Most heat up within 25-30 minutes or so. This allows you a lot more flexibility with your cooking schedule. 

They're movable

If you decide to move, you can take your stainless steel pizza oven with you to your new home. It can travel from home to home with you, giving you decades of delicious pizza in almost any backyard. Most stone units are too difficult to disassemble and transport, so people tend to leave them behind when they move. This is great for the new homeowners, but not so much for you!

They have a sleek, modern look

Stainless steel is a modern, attractive material. It coordinates well with most modern homes, lending a polished and poised look. There really aren't any colors that don't coordinate with it, so you can landscape and decorate around it as much as you wish. Stone pizza ovens, on the other hand, are pretty traditional looking. And the stone tends to look best with specific colors, which limits your decorating options.

There are lots of reasons to love stainless steel pizza ovens. If you've been wanting a pizza oven in your backyard, look into stainless steel options. There are a few great brands, and each offers a variety of models. Contact an outdoor wood-burning stainless steel pizza oven supplier, such as Wood Fired Pizza Oven Worldwide WPPOLLC, to learn more.