An Expert Deck Builder Tells You How To Choose The Right Designs, Finishes, And Features

Posted on: 18 August 2021

A deck is more than just an outdoor room in the back of your home, it's a place for entertainment, recreation, and relaxation. It can be a place to host family and friends for special occasions or to simply relax and enjoy a good book on the weekend with your morning coffee in hand. With so many materials, finishes, designs, and color options available, choosing the best deck material can be challenging. Here is how you can get an expert deck builder to help plan your project to make these choices easier.

Meeting with Deck Experts

You need to meet with the deck builder first before the project can officially begin. During the initial meeting with your deck builder, they will evaluate your home and inform you of any issues that might need to be addressed before the construction of a new deck can begin. They will also discuss the objectives and features you want to have for a new deck. They are likely going to give you ideas and options for the design of the new deck to choose from according to your needs and the allotted budget you have set for building a new deck.

Getting an Initial Estimate

After the meeting, the deck building company will take your information to draw designs, come up with several options and create itemized estimates for the cost of your deck. This initial estimate is a best-guess estimate, which means that it is a general estimate for the cost of building a deck. The estimate could be less if you change materials for less expensive options, or it could be more if you add features to the design of the deck.

Choosing Deck Materials

You also have to choose the types of materials that your new deck is going to be built with. The deck materials you choose can include what you use for the structure, which can be a combination of treated and engineered lumber, concrete, masonry, and other materials. For the surface of the deck, there are many choices for modern decking to consider, such as vinyl, composites, pressure-treated pine, and natural woods like cedar, cypress, and ipe.

Finishing and Sealing Decks

When you are building a new deck, the finishing is an important step in the process that you need to discuss with your deck contractor. If you use pressure-treated or other natural wood materials, your decking boards need to have time to cure before they can be properly sealed or painted. This might mean the builder needs to come back to complete the job several weeks after the deck has been built. If you use vinyl or composite lumber, these materials can be coated with a sealant to protect them from UV rays and weather.

The design of your deck can include any features you want to add to your outdoor living space. Contact a custom deck contactor to get the expert help you need to start planning your project.