Create A Safe And Comfortable Outdoor Living Space For Senior Citizens With These Five Patio Design Strategies

Posted on: 17 March 2021

Thanks to advances in medical technology and increased awareness of the effect of diet and exercise on overall health, today's senior citizens are living longer, more active lives than their historical counterparts, and many are choosing to age in place rather than enter a retirement community. If you have already decided to go this route, you may have already had some modifications done on your home to make it safer and more comfortable for you as you age. However, many people don't take their outdoor living spaces into consideration when planning renovations to make their homes more senior-friendly, and this can be a big mistake.

The following are five strategies for creating a safe, comfortable, and senior-friendly outdoor living space. 

Keep Patio Surfaces at One Level

Multilevel patios are often used to provide structure and dimension to outdoor living spaces, but many adults may find themselves having trouble navigating them as they age. Keeping the patio all one level is recommended for creating a senior-friendly space. 

Install Bright Patio Lighting

Bright lighting is another important element that will enhance the safety of any patio. Not only does it act as a deterrent to potential home thieves and other home intruders, but it also minimizes shadows that may cause safety hazards when enjoying spending time on the patio after the sunk sinks below the horizon. Another lighting strategy to ensure optimal safety within the patio area is to install motion-sensor lighting that lights up different locations of your outside living space as you move around.

Avoid Low-Height Planters

Low-height planters are another trip-and-fall hazard that should be removed when renovating a patio with senior-friendliness in mind. Consider using planters at the same level as raised beds, which is slightly below waist-level to provide greater visibility. As an added bonus, planters positioned at the right height will take the bending and stooping aspects out of tending to plants.

Add an Overhead Shade Feature

Many retirees love spending time outdoors, and with their days free, they have more time than their younger counterparts to sit in the sun. Adding an overhead shade in the patio area helps guard against sunburn and overheating.

Have the Patio Repaved

If your patio is paved with tiles, it may become very slippery when wet. Even standard concrete can be slick. Flagstone is an excellent alternative to these materials, and it comes in a wide variety of stones and colors. Because its surface has a slightly rough texture, it's less likely to cause slip-and-fall accidents. 

For more information, contact a patio design service.