Great Lawn Care Recommendations for a Successful Yard Appearance

Posted on: 21 December 2020

Good lawn care is an important key to make your home and its exterior look well maintained. With a weed-filled lawn with shaggy borders, your entire property is going to look shabby and shoddy, so you should do all you can to keep your lawn healthy and trimmed for a positive look. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your lawn with some successful maintenance and management.

Watch the Mowing Practice

Your lawn is a living part of your landscaping, and it can be easy to forget this fact when you complete your regular lawn mowing. As you mow your lawn, using a regular schedule is best for the health of your lawn so you don't stress it out by allowing it to grow too tall and have to cut off a large amount, for example. 

Your lawn should never get more than one-third of its length cut from its top, so if you are cutting your lawn after letting it grow freely for a few weeks, adjust your lawn mower's height to the highest possible setting so you avoid cutting off too much length. Follow up in a day or two and lower your mower down to where you normally mow it and trim off the rest of your lawn's extra height.

You don't ever want to cut your lawn too short because this exposes the roots of your lawn plants. When you expose your lawn's roots, this also makes the lawn plants thin; they'll potentially dry out from the sun. And when more soil is exposed, there is a higher chance of weeds growing into the soil and taking over your lawn. 

A longer lawn height (but not too long) will provide your lawn the best health and keep it protected against heat stress. Longer lawn blades will shade the roots better and the soil, which will keep the moisture in the soil longer and reduce your need to water as frequently.

Control Weed Growth

Once you have mastered the mentioned tasks, you can then focus on getting rid of weeds from your lawn and keeping them out. You will need to first focus on eliminating weed patches from your lawn, which you can do with a non-selective weed killer. This type of weed killer is going to successfully kill off the most hearty weeds, such as crabgrass. 

It is not a good idea to use a broadleaf weed killer in your lawn because it will only kill off weeds with wide leaves, not crabgrass or other types of invasive grass species. Just be careful you don't apply the weed killer to your lawn and only apply it onto the weeds you want to eliminate.

For further assistance, contact local lawn care companies.