Insight To Help You Mow And Edge Your Lawn For The Best Improvement

Posted on: 9 November 2020

Edging your lawn may not always be on your list of project priorities in your yard work, but it is an important part of keeping your lawn healthy and looking its best. In addition to giving your lawn a clean edge and removing growth that has covered the sidewalk, it creates a root barrier to keep other vegetation and weeds out of your lawn. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you as you mow and edge your lawn for an improved appearance and health.

Follow the Proper Order

When your lawn is getting a little shaggy along the edges and has begun to grow up and over the sides of the sidewalk and into your bedding areas, you know it is time to edge it. But be careful that you don't edge your lawn just in any order of your yard care and landscaping work. The order that you complete the tasks in will make all the difference in your efforts you put into the project. 

On the day you plan to complete the edging of your lawn, be sure you mow the lawn first. This trims the lawn and evens up all the growth and makes it easier to see the edges of your lawn plants so you can form a proper line for edging. Then when you go in with an edger you can get a clean line along your lawn without risking the chance of your mower messing up the edges of your lawn's new clean edged cut. Completing the work in this order will help you get the best results from both mowing and edging together.

Know the Timing to Edge

The timing in which you mow and edge your lawn is also important: you don't want to edge your lawn at any time during the growing season because it may not maximize your efforts. So in order to get the most results out of your edging effort, plan to edge your lawn at the end of June. At this time in the season, your lawn has passed up the period where it is growing rapidly and has begun to slow down.

During July and August your lawn's growth will slow down a bit and the work you put into edging your lawn will remain intact for longer and keep your lawn's edge looking straight and clean. If, for example, you were to edge your lawn at the beginning of June, your lawn will continue to grow quickly in the rest of the month, thickening in over where you have just edged.

For more information, contact a lawn edging service.