Landscaping Recommendations for Your Commercial Property

Posted on: 14 July 2020

When you own a commercial property, the appearance of the landscaping and exterior can make a big impression on your customers. Whether your business caters to individual customers or your commercial building is rented out to corporate customers, the landscaping around the building exudes confidence in the business by the way it looks. Here are some services to consider adding into your landscape maintenance to keep your commercial property kept up and looking professional for the success of your business. 

1. Trim, Feed, and Water the Lawn

The lawn can make up a big area surrounding your business or commercial property, and it is going to need weekly hands-on care. As a minimum, the lawn will need to be mowed once a week so it does not become too shaggy and overgrown and so you also do not remove too much of the lawn blades at one time. It is recommended for the best lawn health that you do not ever remove more than one-third of the lawn's height, as it can cause heat stress, dead spots, and disease in your lawn that will result in large areas of lawn damage.

Ask your landscape team about using a regularly-sharpened mower blade that cuts and mulches at the same time. By mulching the lawn when it is cut, the lawn's trimmings will settle down into the lawn and reapply nutrients back to the lawn that it needs. This can greatly reduce and even eliminate the need for fertilization, which can cause excess fertilizer runoff into gutters and waterways. 

Ensure to ask for edging services to keep the lawn's edges trimmed and straight for a good appearance. Your landscaping team will also need to remove weeds and invasive weed-grasses, such as crabgrass to keep the lawn uniform. When large areas of crabgrass take over the lawn, your landscaper can cut them out completely and reseed the area for new maintained lawn growth.

Keep your landscape watering on longer duration settings spaced further apart for better lawn health and deeper roots. For example, water the lawn two times each week for 20 minutes at a time instead of three to four times each week at ten-minute waterings.

2. Take Care of the Bedding Areas

The bedding areas containing trees, shrubbery, and flowers need to also be maintained. Your landscaper can weed the area regularly and apply new mulch covering to help with weeds and give the bedding areas a uniform appearance. 

Also, look at installing and keeping an edging border around your bedding areas to keep the vegetation separate from the lawn. You can use flexible vinyl edging or brick edging to manage the landscaping.

Learn more about these and other services by contacting commercial landscaping companies.