Walkways Are Functional And Attractive Additions To Your Property

Posted on: 8 April 2020

Installing sod and the right plants is just part of what it takes to landscape your yard. The other part is to design and install hardscaping elements such as walkways. Here are why you want these in your yard and some of your options in materials to use.

The Benefits Of Walkways On Your Property

Walkways serve a lot of purposes. They can provide a quick and direct route from your driveway to your front door, or they can meander through a flower garden. One important reason for installing walkways is to keep foot traffic off of your lawn. This keeps people from trampling your grass and wearing paths on your lawn. You may want a walkway from your front door to a side fence gate, your garden, a fire pit, or anywhere else that you walk to frequently.

A walkway makes it safer to walk on your property, too. Kids with bare feet are less likely to step on sharp twigs or rocks that are hidden in grass, and a walkway provides a stable support for people who have difficulty with balance or who need to use a wheelchair.

Besides being functional, walkways add beauty to your yard. They break up the green color of the grass, and a winding pathway made of pavers or colored stones adds contrast to a flower garden.

A Hardscape Designer Can Help With Layout

Putting in walkways isn't too difficult, but it does take a lot of work, and the walkways have to be installed properly so they aren't trip hazards and so the base is stable. One of the first steps is to design the layout of the paths. You can hire a hardscape designer to help.

You probably don't want to put down all straight walkways made of concrete when you're looking to add to the beauty of your property. A hardscape designer can help with the placement of your walkways and your choice of materials so the paths are functional as well as attractive.

You Have Several Choices In Materials

Walkways and meandering pathways can be made of different materials, so you can choose something that meets your needs. You can use poured concrete, pavers, gravel, river rocks, slate, flagstone, or any combination of stones and rocks. You might want a wide, smooth surface to your entry door so you don't have to worry about guests tripping and a winding path made of flagstone and river rocks for your backyard that leads people through a flower garden to a fire pit.

Walkways connect all the features on your property and they protect your grass, all while enhancing the visual appeal of your yard.

To learn more, contact a hardscape design contractor.