Why You Shouldn't Mow Your Lawn Backwards

Posted on: 28 February 2020

When mowing your lawn, it might be tempting to mow your lawn backwards. However, mowing your lawn backwards is a bad idea for several reasons even if it is convenient. Instead, you will need to plan your lawn mowing route in a way that allows you to avoid moving backwards. 

Don't Use a Reverse Feature

Even when a lawn mower has been designed so that it can operate in reverse, it's a bad idea to use this feature. When you operate your lawn mower in reverse, you might fall over and injure yourself. Children are very frequently knocked over by a lawn mower going in reverse. 

Mowing in Reverse is Unsafe

One of the issues with going backwards is that it is harder to see behind yourself. You might trip over an object, fall, and suffer an injury. You might step on a pothole or you might bump into your pet without realizing it. Depending on how your lawnmower is designed, you might also injure your toes by mowing backwards.

To use your lawnmower safely, make sure to read the owner's manual before operating it. Make sure to pick up rocks before operating the lawn mower, since rocks can damage it and also kick up rocks. Wear heavy shoes and long pants to protect yourself from flying debris.

There's No Reason to Mow Backwards

There is usually no reason to move backwards when mowing your lawn. You may want to move backwards so you can remove yourself from a tight spot, but most lawnmowers allow you to turn well enough that you won't have to do this.

Mowing Backwards is Less Effective

A lawnmower will not be as effective if you move backwards. The grass will not be discharged underneath the deck. The cut will also be less regularly if you are moving backwards. The grass will be so choppy and uneven that it will be easy to tell that you mowed the lawn while moving backwards. You might also stress your grass and cause brown patches to form. Cutting the lawn in general is stressful for your grass and you'll want to cut your lawn in a way that is efficient. 

One way to make sure that your grass will always be cut in the right way is to hire a complete lawn mowing service. They will have the equipment necessary to cut your grass well and will also use the right techniques.