A Lawn Treatment Program Helps Your Grass Thrive And Keeps Bugs And Weeds At Bay

Posted on: 16 October 2019

Even if you enjoy the exercise and satisfaction you get from mowing your grass every week, routine mowing might not be enough to keep your lawn healthy. A well-groomed lawn is only beautiful when the grass is lush and there are no weeds or bare spots. Growing a lush lawn may require professional help in the form of scheduled treatments. Here are some aspects of lawn care that a lawn service can provide.

Killing Off Weeds

Weeds can take over your lawn and crowd out grass. This makes your yard unsightly since weeds grow at a different rate, reach different heights, and have different shapes and colors than grass. The secret to controlling weeds is to grow lush grass that crowds out the weeds. This requires the use of fertilizers at the right time in the growth cycle. Plus, you'll need to use weed killers on your lawn. A professional lawn service will identify the type of weeds giving you trouble so the best weed killers can be used that target the weeds but don't interfere with the healthy growth of the grass.

Adjusting The Soil

If you just can't seem to grow anything healthy in your yard, the soil might be to blame. Your lawn service can test the soil to determine its pH and to test for mineral and nitrogen composition. Once this is known, the right treatments are applied to make your soil a better base for providing plant and grass nourishment. With healthy soil, you can grow strong and thick grass.

Planting Grass Seeds

You may need to add grass seeds to bare spots or even seed your entire yard to kickstart your lawn. A lawn professional can help you choose the right type of grass that's hardy and thrives in the conditions found on your property considering soil and shade. Planting grass seeds is done more effectively with the right equipment rather than trying to do it by hand. A lawn service will bring a spreader that applies the seeds in a thin and even coat so more of them will sprout and drive roots into the soil.

Applying Treatments Throughout The Year

Your lawn needs treatments from early spring through late fall. These treatments affect the current growing season and impact the season to come. When you use a lawn treatment program, fertilizers, seeds, herbicides, and pesticides are applied at the right times of the year to encourage healthy growth of grass and to control weeds and other problems. Then, all you have to worry about is firing up your mower every week and keeping your beautiful lawn cut and groomed.