How To Prepare Your Yard For New Sod

Posted on: 3 September 2019

Installing sod is one of the easiest ways to create a new yard. With sod, you instantly get a new yard. However, if you want that yard to take root and last, you need to properly prepare the yard before putting down the new sod.

Get Rid of Large Debris

First, you need to get rid of all the large debris in you yard. That means picking up all the sticks and branches that are in the yard area. That means removing any rock that is bigger than a few inches. Rocky soil can really hamper the success of your yard, so take the time to remove or dig out any large rocks in the yard area.

If there are any bushes or plants that you don't want in your yard, remove them before you install the sod.

Grade the Area

Second, you will need to grade the area, which basically means you need to set up the soil so that it slopes away from your home. You want the soil to be slopped so that the yard runs into your drainage system. That way, when it rains, water will move down your yard and away from your yard, not towards it.

Till the Soil

Third, you don't want to apply sod over hard ground. You need the ground to be receptive to the new roots that come with the sod you are laying down. Use or rent a rototiller to stir up the soil. You want to till a couple of inches deep. This will make the soil a little looser and make it easier for the grass to take root. This will also help mix up the soil and nutrients in the soil.

Add High-Quality Topsoil

Fourth, you want to place the sod on the best soil possible to increase the chance of your yard thriving. To do this, add a couple of inches of topsoil all around your yard. That is a lot of dirt, so instead of buying individual bags of topsoil, purchase a dump truck load of topsoil from a local gardening or soil center, and have it delivered to your home. You'll need small wheelbarrows to help you spread the topsoil across your yard.

Once you have all the topsoil laid out, you may want to use your rototiller again to mix up the soil.

Test the pH

Fifth, you need to test the pH of the topsoil. You want to make sure that the topsoil has the right pH levels. If it has too much pH in it, you are going to want to add either lime or gypsum to increase or decrease the pH levels to the appropriate range.

Apply Fertilizer to the Soil

Finally, you are going to want to apply a starter fertilizer to the ground before installing the sod. This will increase the nutritional content of the soil where you will be planting the sod. Mix the soil into the top couple inches of soil.

Before your topsoil arrives, take the time to clean up and prepare your yard. By preparing your yard as described above, you increase the chance that your sod will take root and turn into a beautiful yard. For more information, contact a new yard installation service in your area.