Eager to Get Landscaping Done in a Rainy Climate? 3 Ways to Ensure Proper Drainage

Posted on: 23 February 2019

Making improvements to the landscaping of your yard can make a big difference in how much you want to enjoy spending time outside. Improvements can also add some curb appeal for your home. If you're interested in having landscaping done, but are hesitant due to living somewhere that gets a lot of rainfall, there are several projects that you should consider so that the landscaping is done properly and that you won't struggle with water pooling up in the yard.

Consider a Rock Garden

When you're looking for a way to improve the appearance of your yard, but are hesitant due to the water that could pool up in the garden, you might want to have a rock garden put in. What this can do is add some visual interest in the yard, while ensuring that rainwater will have somewhere to move.

With the variety of different rocks that you pick from, you'll be able to have any color scheme you want, as well as the sizes of rocks available. From large rocks to small pebbles, you can have a nice space in the yard that doesn't require any maintenance like grass or plants would need.

Opt for Thirsty Plants

Planting some flowers or shrubs in the yard is a good idea when you want to make sure that water isn't being wasted. When you want to take advantage of the rainfall, you should look for plants that require a lot of water to be healthy. By looking for plants that are thirsty, you'll be able to make sure that your plants won't drown in the water and will actually benefit from the frequent rainfall.

Rework the Foundation

If your yard is completely level, there's a good chance that the water will pool up and could lead to standing water. This can be a problem since it can ruin your landscaping and attract mosquitos and other insects. Having the foundation set up on a slant with the help of professionals can ensure that water has somewhere to drain and that standing water won't be an issue.

With so many options for improving the landscaping in your yard, you'll want to make sure that your yard looks great with the frequency of rain that you get. Considering how often you get rain and how many inches can ensure that you pick out landscaping projects that will take advantage of the rain instead of being at risk. 

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