How A Landscaping Contractor Can Get Your New Yard Into Beautiful Shape

Posted on: 29 January 2018

When you buy a new home, you may love the house but shudder at the appearance of the yard. Not everyone has a good eye for the placement of plants, and even if they do, they may not have the skills and knowledge to keep plants healthy and beautiful. Moving into a new home and getting the house in shape takes a lot of work, so you may not have time to work on the yard for months. A good solution is to hire a landscape contractor to nurture the grass and plant new flowers and shrubs, so your yard is a thing of beauty. Here are some of the jobs you may want the contractor to handle, until you have more time to take over the yard chores.

Restoring The Lawn

The lawn could need some serious work, depending on how well the grass was taken care of by the previous owner. If the grass is mostly weeds and bare spots, it might be best to take out the current growth, amend the soil, and then have new sod put in. If the contractor can coax the lawn back to life, it may just need to be fertilized, seeded, and trimmed back into shape. Trimming and mowing the lawn will be an ongoing process, but it will need special care at first, to kill off weeds and to get the grass growing in full and lush.

Deciding On The Best Plants

Yards usually look their best when a few plants break up the green expanse of grass. You might want a row of plants in front of your house or along the driveway. You might even want a flower bed put in the yard that has colorful plants and flowers all through the growing season. Putting in plants is a lot of work, but deciding on the right ones to plant is tricky, too, if you don't know much about landscaping. A contractor is a big help in choosing the ideal plants for your particular yard, taking sun and shade into account. You'll want plants and flowers that will thrive between visits from the landscaper, so your yard won't look wilted or dead when you don't have time to tend them constantly.

Installing Mulch, Edging, And Walkways

Something as simple as a walkway made of river rocks or slate stone can accent your yard. Mulch is not only healthy for your plants, it adds color and texture to your yard, as well, and edging keeps your flower and plant beds tidy. A contractor is careful to tend to details, so your yard looks well-manicured and tidy. This also includes trimming around plant beds and blowing clippings off of walkways and the driveway.

You may initially hire a landscaping contractor to help you get a new property in shape, but once you see how beautiful your yard becomes, you may want to keep the landscaper around for routine mowing, trimming, and plant care. A beautiful yard improves the curb appeal of your home and makes your property welcoming to guests. It is well worth the effort to cultivate, but if you don't have time or skill to do it yourself, then landscaping contractors can be a big help.