Three Tips For Handling A Tree Removal Project

Posted on: 1 January 2018

A tree removal project can be a task that most homeowners will find that they need to do at some point. Unfortunately, these projects can be surprisingly complicated and dangerous. For homeowners that are new to undertaking this type of property work, there are several mistakes and oversights that they may make as they plan for removing one or more of their trees.

Determine Whether It Is Possible To Save The Tree

It is common for homeowners to simply assume that removing the tree will be the only way to address the problems that it may be experiencing. This is particularly true in situations where the tree is diseased or has suffered extensive damage. If you are wanting to save the tree, you should have it examined before scheduling to have it cut down. A tree technician can inspect the damaged or diseased sections of the tree so that they can recommend a course of action. For example, many diseases may be able to be treated through the use of specially formulated chemical treatments. Additionally, some forms of damage can be braced to allow the tree time to mend itself.

Avoid Attempting To Remove A Tree By Yourself

When it is determined that removing the tree is the only viable option, you should avoid attempting to do this work yourself. Many people will assume that cutting down a tree will be a simple task if they have a chainsaw. However, this work can be surprisingly dangerous as it can be extremely difficult to determine which way the tree will fall. This can lead to property damage and injuries if you are unable to effectively control the fall of the tree. For this reason, you should leave this work to a professional contractor with the tools, training and staff to safely cut down trees.

Have A Plan For The Stump

When scheduling for tree removal professionals to come to your property, you may assume that they will automatically remove the stump of the tree after they have finished. Yet, very few of these services will include stump removal with their basic service. This is due to the extreme difficulty of pulling the stump from the ground or grinding it low enough to avoid problems. By understanding that you will likely need to pay an additional fee or use a separate service for stump removal, you will be able to quickly ensure that this part of the tree is removed before termites or other pests can start living in it.