Three Tips To Help You Get Ready For Spring With Commercial Irrigation Repairs

Posted on: 4 December 2017

Soon, summer will be here, which means it will be time to water the landscaping. Over the winter, you may have had your commercial irrigation system winterized, so you may need to turn the system back on for the spring and summer. There are also problems that can arise after months of not using your irrigation system and repairs may be needed. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the summer months with irrigation repairs before the heat arrives:

Connecting Disconnected Irrigation Systems After Winter Has Past

Before winter started, you may have had your sprinkler system winterized. The process of winterization involves disconnecting the main water line to the sprinkler system and blowing water out of the lines. Before you can start using your irrigation system in the late spring, the lines need to be reconnected. The sprinkler service can connect the irrigation system and check to make sure everything is working after a long winter.

Testing for Leaks and Repairing Damage That Can Cost You Money

The irrigation lines of your sprinkler system are often buried at a shallow depth. When the irrigation system has not been properly winterized, water left in the lines can freeze and cause burst lines, cracks, and other leaks. We can test for leaks and do the needed repairs for the sprinkler system. Replacing the lines and installing them at a depth below the frost level will help to prevent leaks that happen over the winter months. In addition, a sprinkler service can help with winterization before cold weather comes to ensure you do not have the same problems again.

Installing and Replacing Sprinkler Heads That Have Been Damaged

Another problem that you may have before summer comes is sprinkler heads being damaged. The problem may be due to debris causing the head to not work properly. A professional repair company can dismount, clean, and reinstall the head to get it working again. Other problems with sprinkler heads and irrigation lines happen due to things like landscaping and garden equipment damaging them, which will require replacing the damaged sprinkler or irrigation line. Using recessed sprinkler heads that are mounted below the surface of turf will help prevent damage to commercial sprinkler systems from machinery and landscaping equipment.

With a few repairs and improvements, your irrigation system will be ready for the hottest days of summer. When you get ready to start using the irrigation system, contact a sprinkler service or click here for info to help with repairs and connecting systems after winterization.