Full Service Landscaping: Why Do You Need It Year-Round?

Posted on: 23 November 2017

Full service landscaping isn't just a summer-time service. The wind is whipping, the air has a chill and the trees aren't exactly green anymore. Does that mean you can skip caring for your yard for the next few months? Probably not.

If you're not sure why you need a full-service landscaper during the "off" months, take a look at the benefits of scheduling year-round maintenance are.

Yard Clean-Up

The leaves that are all over your yard and the once-flowering plants are slumped and turning brown. Leaving your yard as-is until the spring isn't going to help you out when the growing season finally starts. If left on the grass, decaying leaves could cause problems. While a leaf or two isn't likely to do much damage, a full lawn of them can promote mold and fungus growth.

Along with grass-destroying mold, a lawn of leaves may seem inviting to pests and other critters. The outdoor invaders who are nesting warmly in your bed of leaves can also cause damage (or destroy) your grass.

Clean and Pristine

Your yard's looks don't have to fade when the summer ends. You spend plenty of time, effort and money into keeping your yard in top-shape during the warmest months of the year. Why stop there?

Letting your yard go from green and clean to debris-filled and decaying doesn't do much for your home's exterior. Year-round full service landscaping provides you with an easy way to keep your yard looking picture perfect during all four seasons.

Perennials and Plants

If you have perennial flowering plants that come back year after year, you need to make sure that they're healthy when the growing season ends. Letting them turn brown, break at the stem or get buried under a mountain of leaves might mean that they don't come back to life next spring.

Full-service landscaping includes end of the season pruning, flowerbed cleaning and mulching. These can all help to keep your plants healthy and give them a fighting chance when it comes to growing back when the weather warms.

Grading and Drainage Issues

The fall rains poured down. When the rains finally stopped, the snow started. Rainy weather and melting snow can cause problems in your yard. If the slope isn't graded properly, the excess water can cause ponding or run into your home.

A landscaping service can provide proper grading, making sure that your yard is draining in a way that carries the water away from your home and your yard.

When the weather turns from sunny and warm and cloudy and cold, your yard doesn't have to suffer. Full service landscaping provides clean-up, regular maintenance and everything else you need to make sure that your home's exterior looks fresh and fabulous year-round. Contact a service, like Easy Care Landscaping , for more help.