3 Fun Corporate Holiday Decor Ideas

Posted on: 21 November 2017

Decorating your corporate building for the holidays is often a fun and exciting task. You have so many excellent decor options and will generally have a great deal of space that needs decorated. Here as some fun corporate holiday decor ideas.

A Huge Christmas Tree For The Main Lobby 

A great way to go all out and decorate your corporate building for Christmas is to set up a huge Christmas tree in the main lobby. This Christmas tree can go clear up to the ceiling and it can be placed right in the center. The options that you have when it comes to decorating the tree are endless and will depend on if you are going for classy, fun, themed, etc. For example, if you are going for a themed tree and your corporate building focuses on selling sporting goods, you can cover the tree in sport themed ornaments. Everyone will likely enjoy this addition to the main lobby and it will be the first thing that they see when they get inside. 

Garland Hanging From The Front Desk 

A very classy and festive decoration that you can easily add to your corporate building is garland. You can choose basic green garland if you want to keep things simple, or you can choose some that has lights, ornaments, or whatever else you'd like. This makes it easy for the garland to match whatever Christmas theme you would like to go with. The garland will hang across the entire front desk, and can also go above any cabinets as well. The garland will give the look of natural pine trees, and if you have some pine scented air fresheners, employees and clients alike will really get into the holiday spirit. 

Peppermint Candy Christmas Rope 

If you have any type of rope and pole dividers in your corporate building, these are perfect for decorating. You can wrap lights around each of the poles and tie a peppermint candy balloon to the top. You will then attach red, green, and white balloons along the entire rope until you reach the next pole. This continues down the entire rope, creating a very festive addition to your corporate building. This is especially great for parties where you need to create lines for food to be served, to meet Santa, etc. 

Adding a huge Christmas tree to your lobby, beautiful garland to the front desk, and fun lights and balloons to your pole and rope dividers can really bring the holiday cheer to your corporate building.