3 Custom Features To Complete Your Deck Outdoor Living Space Design

Posted on: 19 November 2017

If you want to add outdoor living space to your home, there are custom deck features that are great solutions.  You may want to consider things like seating, storage, and lighting to make the most of your custom deck design for outdoor living space. Here are some great features that you will want to consider completing outdoor living space with custom deck designs:

1. Seating, Storage, and Compartments That Are Great with Deck Living Space

One of the most important aspects of outdoor living space is seating. With a custom deck design, you have many options for seating that is comfortable and built into the surrounding deck design. With bench sofas, you will also have a great solution for storage, which will give you a place to hide clutter and outdoor materials that are often in the way and cause a mess of outdoor spaces.

2. Giving You Outdoor Living Space Lighting with Accents, Electrical Wiring and Highlights on Custom Decks

Custom decks give you a lot of options for highlighting features with lighting. Installing backlighting beneath railing and on stairs will help give visibility and highlight the design of your deck. While you are having the lighting installed, consider other electrical wirings that will help make your outdoor living space feel more like home. Today, you even have options for outdoor USB charging outlets and other amenities that you also have inside your home. You want to make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible and have the same features you have inside your home.

3. Coverings and Canopies That Add Character to Outdoor Living Space on Custom Decks

Coverings and canopies are great for many features in outdoor living space. You may want to have a covered porch area for seating space and where there are things like furniture and mechanical systems. Consider retractable awnings in some of the spaces that will allow you to enjoy the sun and get protection from the weather when you need it. While you are having your outdoor space wired, you can also have retractable features wired for automated controls that make your life easier.

These are some features that you may want to consider for the outdoor living space with your new custom deck design. If you are ready to create the perfect space for your deck, contact a wiring repair service to help with changes to your exterior wiring to create the perfect outdoor living space with the same amenities found inside your home. 

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