Tree Trimming Or Tree Pruning: How They'Re Similar But Different From Each Other

Posted on: 13 November 2017

Trimming a tree and pruning a tree isn't the same thing. You may hear the terms used interchangeable, but these two things serve different functions. There's some crossover between the two. However, it helps to understand what each service represents if you want to avoid any confusion or accidents.

The Main Difference between Trimming and Pruning

Generally, the main distinction between trimming and pruning has to do with what the service aims to accomplish.

  • Tree trimming aims to maintain the look or aesthetic appeal of a tree.
  • Tree pruning aims to preserve the health and growth of a tree.

Even with these two loose definitions, it's possible to have quite a bit of crossover. One service can sometimes achieve some of the results typically reserved for the other.

Tree Trimming is For Looks and Safety

The main concern for tree trimming is the look of the tree. A tree trimming service can remove branches to improve the overall look of the tree. Utility companies, businesses, and homeowners may also require tree trimming to protect power lines, people, and other physical structures.

Trimming can also become necessary to correct or protect the structure of a tree. Large branches can sometimes pose a risk to the overall tree. A trimming service can remove that weight to preserve the structure of the tree.

While the overall health of the tree may come into consideration ahead of a tree trimming service, it's not always the focus. However, it's also possible to trim specifically for the health of the tree. In such cases, the trimming will fall under the category of "pruning." That's because pruning, at a basic level, is still a form of tree trimming.

Tree Pruning is Trimming for Health-Related Purpose

Tree pruning specialists want to make sure your tree is healthy and growing as it should. Sometimes, this can require trimming branches to allow more air and sunlight to hit other parts of the tree.

Before a specialist commits to tree pruning activities, they will take the health of the tree into account. They will look at everything from the roots to the leaves to see what impact pruning may have. They also do this to see what type of pruning the tree requires. It's a very precise process, and not for amateurs.

You Need Both Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Tree maintenance requires both these services, it's not about choosing one or the other. That's one reason the terms crossover so much. Which service you need, and during which season, will vary. It all depends on the types of trees you have, and their current health.

Always deal with professional tree trimming services that know how to deal with your particular types of trees. They can help you figure out when you need pruning, and when you need trimming.