Simple Lawn Care Mistakes That Harm Your Grass

Posted on: 10 November 2017

Many homeowners don't worry too much about lawn care. Grass is simple; you mow it and water it. However, a beautiful lawn actually takes some special care and attention. You might be making some simple mistakes that really affect the appearance and health of your grass. Here are some common errors that many people make when caring for their lawns, and what you should do instead:

1. Cutting too short.

If you get tired of mowing the lawn, you might consider cutting the grass shorter, so you have longer to wait before it needs to be mowed again. However, this approach won't save you much if any time (the grass will try to accelerate growth to compensate for the loss of foliage), and it will damage your grass as well. Grass needs the green blades to create food for growth, and taller blades make it easier for grass to choke out invasive weeds like dandelions and creeping charlie. When your grass is too short, it can yellow, it is more susceptible to diseases, and weeds have an easier time taking over, ruining the overall composition and coloration of your lawn. 

2. Overwatering.

Many people worry that without enough water, their grass will die or develop yellow patches. Adequate moisture is very important for grass growth, but too much water will do just as much (if not more) harm as too little. First, grass that is drenched will start to turn slightly grey. The roots will not dig deeply into the soil, so your grass becomes less and less drought tolerant. If the moist conditions continue, the roots will rot in the soil, and the grass will die. To water properly, give your grass a deep watering every 3-4 days, depending on how hot it is and when it rains. 

3. Using a dull blade. 

Have you ever sharpened the blade of your lawn mower? Most people haven't, and they mow the grass with a dull blade. Instead of cutting through the grass, the mower tears it, leaving the tips ragged. These tips turn brown, ruining the beautiful color that your lawn would have otherwise. 

4. Not aerating. 

Grass and soil can become compacted over time, especially if people walk on your lawn (kids playing, entertaining, etc.). To keep your grass from getting crowded and tired, aerate the soil each spring to help provide some space for new root development and to help loosen the soil. 

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