More Than Fencing For Your Home: 3 Projects That Hide Outside Eyesores

Posted on: 8 November 2017

There are many things outside your home that can be eyesores. There are many outdoor features that can be unsightly and hiding them with enclosures and façades using materials like wood fencing. You may want to create open storage space or build enclosures for mechanical systems. You may also want to have a simple solution to hide outdoor clutter like garden tools and lawn furniture. Here are projects that will hide outdoor eyesores:

1. Covering Unsightly Fencing and Landscaping Features with Green Plants

There are some areas of landscaping that may be unsightly, such as a drainage canal or concrete retaining walls. Sometimes, removing these features is not an option, but you may want to give them a more attractive appearance. Plants are a great solution for covering unsightly drainage systems and other landscaping features. Use trellises to give climbing plants something to grow over. When covering these features with plants, consider using evergreen species that will not lose their foliage during the winter months.

2. Using Fencing Materials to Hide HVAC, Rain Barrels, and Other Mechanical Systems

Fencing materials are also a great solution to hide unsightly HVAC equipment such as air conditioning units or heat pumps. Fencing enclosures around the HVAC equipment will also help to protect it from damage. When building an enclosure around an AC, make sure that there is enough space for air to circulate, as well as to get to the unit to do repairs and maintenance that may be needed.

3. Creating Storage Areas and Sheds to Hide or Store Your Outdoor Clutter

The outdoor space around your home can quickly become cluttered with garden tools, outdoor furniture, and plant materials. You want to have a place to store these materials and keep them out of sight. Consider using fencing to create an enclosure where larger outdoor objects can be stored out of sight. Inside the enclosure, you may want to build a small garden shed, which can be used to store materials that you want to keep safe out of the elements. Keeping everything organized behind a fence will keep your outdoor living space free of clutter and clean. You may also want to do this to separate areas like vegetable gardens from outdoor living space. 

These are some projects to consider for hiding outdoor eyesores. Contact a hardscaping service for help with some of these projects that will hide outdoor eyesores. Talk with the fencing contractor like Land Craft about privacy solution and some using fencing to hide outdoor eyesores.