Preparing Land For Building Construction

Posted on: 7 November 2017

Was your backyard guesthouse project placed on hold when construction workers discovered that there is too much groundwater to move forward? If groundwater is causing the soil to be too unstable for the foundation to the guesthouse to be constructed, there is still hope. You will basically have to come up with a way to get rid of the groundwater, which can be done with help from professionals. Contact a dewatering company, such as Hydrograss Technologies, to get assistance with the problem so your construction project can move forward. This article provides tips on what should be done to successfully get a guesthouse constructed on your land.

1. Opt for Deep Well Dewatering to Be Done

Deep well dewatering is a great method for removing large amounts of groundwater. Professionals will be able to use equipment that can remove water from deeper in the ground than with some of the other dewatering methods. Drill rigs will be used for excavating the groundwater, and submersible pumps will be installed to bring the water up. The water will then be sent into a discharge piping system that routes it away from the worksite for your guesthouse to be constructed on. A dewatering company can take care of the task using other methods as well, which will be explained when you contact them for assistance.

2. Get a Land Survey Performed for Security

After dewatering has been performed on your land, it is wise to ensure that a survey is done. A survey is a great way to find out if the land is ready for your guesthouse to be constructed on or not. The survey will not only be useful for detecting the presence of groundwater, but can also give you a good idea of how stable the soil is. For example, you can find out if the soil is likely to shift and cause harm to the foundation of your guesthouse. You will basically have more security about the stability of the guesthouse by getting a land survey performed.

3. Show the Construction Company What Was Done

When you are ready for the construction of your guesthouse to resume, simply show what was done to the land. Provide a copy of the documentation that shows your land was professionally dewatered, as well as the method that was used. You should also provide a copy of the land survey if you decide to get one performed. Having professional documentation to prove that the problems with groundwater has been taken care of should be sufficient enough for your project to get right back on track.