When It Is Time To Call For Professional Landscape Services?

Posted on: 31 October 2017

Having a great looking, well-landscaped yard takes a lot of work and determination. Even if you have grown many gardens over the years, you may come across something that should be left to the professionals. Take the time to plan what it is that you want. You should visit a few garden centers and parks for this. Look at the trees, bushes, and flowers as well as any water features, lighting, and decorations. Here are some of the things you may want to have done by a company that specializes in landscaping services.


There may be some aspects of your landscaping plan that will require permits. This could include lighting and water features. If you are not sure if a permit will be needed or not, you may call a landscape company, like Sagescapes & Design, to ask this. They will know which municipal codes to check and can get the permit for you if necessary. They will also have any professional certifications required to do the inspections after the work is done.

Native Species

While you may be tempted to go with trees and bushes you have seen in magazines, not all of them will grow well in your area. A landscape professional will know what plants are native to your location. He or she can create a beautiful yard for you that will grow well and not require extra maintenance. Using native plants not only keep the yard looking great but provide homes and food for the wildlife in the area.

Irrigation and Water Features

It is always a good idea to have an irrigation system in place in case there is not enough rain to keep everything alive. The system can be manual or automatic, but should be installed so that it can be easily maintained and repaired. Professionals know how to install a system that you can operate and maintain without a lot of work. If you want to put in a pond, having the proper set up will ensure you don't end up with an algae-filled tub that attracts bugs and could possibly harbor bacteria that cause disease.

Professional landscaping services can turn your yard into whatever you want it to be. Once everything is in place, the pros can also teach you how to maintain everything. They will also know when to contact you set an appointment to do any pruning you may need to keep the yard looking great.