3 Custom Landscape Features To Consider If You Plan To Age At Home

Posted on: 30 October 2017

You have retired and are looking ahead at your golden years. If you are like the majority of retirees who are etching toward their golden years, you will prefer the idea of aging at home over giving up your private property and moving into a retirement community or in with relatives. While aging at home is the preference, it can also take some changes around the house so that the property better caters to your changing needs as a senior citizen. Your landscape will even need a few custom changes so it is more fitting for you as you grow older. Here is a look at three custom landscape features to consider if you plan to age at home.

Consider artificial turf installation for easy lawn maintenance. 

One of the biggest reasons aging seniors cannot maintain their home is because so much of maintaining the property can be so physically demanding. If you have grass in your landscape, for example, it will mean having to mow and trim constantly to keep the property well kept. For this reason, it is a good idea to consider exchanging your natural lawn or turf with artificial turf. Artificial turf looks and feels just like real grass, but is made from synthetic materials so it never has to be mowed or watered. 

Consider adding retaining walls in areas where you want flowers or shrubs. 

As you get older, bending and stooping to care for plants can be too difficult to manage. Therefore, raising the plants and shrubs up off of the ground will be a good choice if you plan to age at home. This can be accomplished in some areas by having a landscaping contractor add retaining walls or raised flower beds that will serve as areas for shrubs and plants. Because the growth is up off of the ground, you will not have to struggle if they need a little care and attention. 

Consider installing smooth walkways around plants and trees that need attention. 

It is always best if you can eliminate any high-maintenance plants and trees from your landscape if you plan to age at home. However, if you do keep some that will need the occasional trim, watering, or attention, make sure these plants and trees are easily accessible. Having a smooth-surfaced walkway through your property's landscape helps ensure that you can still get around if you get to where you have to rely on a wheelchair or walker for mobility.