Tips To Give Your Lawn More Pizzazz

Posted on: 27 October 2017

You've spent all season manicuring your lawn just right: the grass is the perfect length, your white picket fence is flawless, and your water feature has your neighbors filled with envy... but something's missing. Don't fret, this article's got you covered! Here are 5 tips to give your lawn the pizzazz it deserves:

1. Paint. That's Right, Paint Your Lawn

What? Though this tip seems like an environmental disaster waiting to happen, there are now environmentally friendly sprays that will keep your lawn green all year 'round. The best part? Your water bill plummets. Don't worry, your secret's safe with us.

2. Add Some Natural Flair

There are ways to spice up your lawn without it devolving into a kitschy nightmare. Consider adding subtle season-specific accouterments that might be found in nature. For fall, try adding a gourd or two (heck, make it five!) along with corkscrew hazel for an eerie touch. For spring, line your pathways with perennials. Winterberry and Red Twig Dogwood will bring color to any dull and dreary winter, and flowers like sulfur cosmos are perfect for summer sunshine.

3. Add a Gigantic Rock

Though seemingly strange, having a rather large stone in an otherwise empty lawn is a great centerpiece (and great conversation starter!). By large, we mean huge. Think something that barely fits in a truck bed.

4. Maintain Your Lawn

So now that you've got an ethereally green lawn filled with delightfully season-appropriate and natural decorations (including a gigantic rock), what comes next? Maintenance. One of the rookie mistakes most lawn owners make is letting their prized possession slowly deteriorate into a mess. It may seem frustrating, but lawn maintenance is a fact of life—give your lawn the love and attention it deserves.

5. Just Add Friends

Our final tip for creating a pizzazz-filled lawn is to invite your friends and family over for a day of games, fun, and food—weather permitting, of course! There's nothing more fun than seeing the friends you love enjoy the space you spent so much time and effort on, especially if you can include elements of your hard work into the event: Consider creating your very own above-ground box garden. They're easy to make, and your guests will be wowed when they can pick their own fruits, veggies, and herbs to add to the meal. Grab the barbecue and the blankets, and enjoy!

These are a few things that can make your yard look great, but a landscape design professional will surely have even more ideas.