What Could Go Wrong When Pressure Washing Your Home?

Posted on: 20 October 2017

When most homeowners think about curb appeal, many of them think about the greenery, decorative items, and deck or patio. However, the cleanliness of the exterior of the home matters. In most instances, getting the exterior clean means pressure washing. It is not as simple as pointing a hose and rinsing the home though. It requires skill. If you are planning to pressure wash your home, here are three mistakes to avoid.

Pressure Washing with Only Water

Some homeowners think that due to the amount of pressure used while washing the surface of the home, water is enough to clean. Only using water leads to several problems, including making it more challenging to clean the surface. There are likely some tough dirt patches that need more intensive cleaning.

Using only water could also create a safety hazard for you and your family. If there is mold anywhere on the surface of the home, the water will blast the spores into the air. Instead of the problem existing in only one area, they can be quickly spread to others.

Instead of only using water, you need to use a cleaning solution, too. There are several types available, including chlorine and pressure washer detergent.

Failing to Wash in Order

When it comes to pressure washing the surfaces of your home, you need to make sure you observe a certain order. If not, you could be tasked with rewashing some of your surfaces.

Starting from the bottom and washing towards the top of the home does not work. As you wash the top of the home, the dirt will drain to the bottom of the home and cover the work that you have already done. You also must remember that cleaning your windows first could result in rewashing them as dirt from the home lands on the glass.

To avoid having to rewash, start pressure washing from the top to the bottom. As you wash, you can clean the windows on each level as you go.

Underestimating a Professional Clean

Although you can rent the equipment to pressure wash your home yourself, there are several things that could go wrong. For instance, if you use too much pressure, you could break a window or damage the surface of your home. There is also the potential for injury to anyone that is helping.

However, hiring a professional landscaper or cleaning service can ensure that the residential pressure washing is properly done.